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Lean into the MAGIC of your cycle and discover exactly how powerful YOU are as a woman.

Society conditions us to believe:

  • We’re “just moody”

  • “That time of the month” is a bad thing

  • “Normal” is having the same energy level every single day - and if you don’t fit that mold, there’s something wrong with YOU

My mission in this world is to set that record straight.

 You’re constantly mentally & physically exhausted.
You think there must be something wrong with you because life looks so much easier for everyone else.
You hear about finding a “state of flow,” but it feels so out of reach for you that you wouldn’t know where to start.
At the heart of it, you feel totally disconnected from yourself.
The bottom line is, you’re burnt out. You’ve felt burnt out for SO long that you can’t help but wonder - is this just what “normal” is now?
The ancient wisdom of femininity holds the key to a better way of life - and it has been the best-kept secret… UNTIL NOW.
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This knowledge transformed my life - and it will transform yours too!

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A few years ago, I received my first womb healing. I was introduced to the primary archetypes that make up a woman’s cycle. It felt more like remembering than learning it for the first time.

Think of it like riding the roller coaster of life in TOTAL darkness. Suddenly, the lights turn on and you can actually SEE the twists and turns. Now, it's exciting instead of nightmarish.

From the moment I learned about the blueprint of the divine feminine, I knew I had to tell as many women like you as I could. Sharing this knowledge empowers you to do what you want to do in a way that’s specifically designed for you.

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Welcome to the Bleed and Succeed Community!

This is the only women’s empowerment community I know that supports bleeders and non-bleeders alike. Here, we discover, embrace, and celebrate the magic that lies in the divinity of their cycles.

This is a safe space, one that attracts kind-hearted, open-minded people of all racial identities and sexualities. If harm is done, know that I WILL make it right. I am not perfect, but inclusivity is of THE HIGHEST importance to me. If anyone in this space messes up, including me, my team and I want to know so that we can improve the safety of this space.

You’ll learn how to make business, money, and LIFE easy - all while being fully supported by bad-ass bitches just like you!

“Have you ever walked into a room knowing maybe one or two people but feel like you could also be surrounded by family. That's what bleed and succeed has been for me, a family.


A place where I can go as I am, be it a total hot mess express of emotions or a full done up queen with my crown. The community that has been built In this container has helped me regain the knowledge and passion I had deep within myself.


This is a place where people aren’t judging you. A space that is full of content knowledge and inspiration.”

— Destiny K., Washington, USA

So... What do I get?

When you join this juicy community, you get access to HOURS of binge-worthy content such as: 

  • Redefining Success - (Hint - it ain’t got NOTHIN’ to do with “hustle-culture”)

  • Overviews of each of the four feminine archetypes

  • Opportunities to dive deeper into the archetypes

  • How to enhance your relationships by using your cycle

  • Practical applications and integration strategies for living cyclically

  • Beautiful meditations to help you embody the various archetype energies

  • Working with the energies of the seasons and the moon

  • For you business-owning-ladies out there - how to use your cycle as a business strategy (plus all the perks to being a Successful Lazy Bitch™!)

And as if THAT wasn’t enough to make your clit tingle - community members also get:

  • Fresh content every new moon - the perfect time to soak in wisdom

  • Full moon women’s circle to celebrate another lunar cycle

  • Monthly Tea Time with Rach - an opportunity for Q&A and informal group coaching

I've heard enough! I WANT IN!

“I joined and stayed because of the community. I was lacking a community of strong women that were determined to heal their own shit, rise up and learn how to be more intuitive to their own power and ability. Rach created a place for that.

This is the best place to be while learning how to clear the old patterns that block your path to success, how to download new patterns and plans and bring more pleasure into your life. I joined for what it would do for my business, but I didn't realize that it would overflow to every area of my life... my marriage, my parenting, my boundaries, my selfcare, my sleep, my friendship and my business. Everything has improved.

I have had more growth in the short few months compared to years of therapy because of the community, content and topics. Bleed and Succeed has me helped me deal with trauma, lack of consistency, worthiness issues and lack of boundaries that has negatively affected me. This community presents like a giant present ready to support you, love you, guide you, spoon you when you need and blanket you in love and sisterhood. Highly recommended!!”

— Casey H., California, USA

This is THE most accessible way to get direct access to moi. My 1:1 coaching runs $2000 a month, and Lazy Bitches Mastermind almost $1111 a month.

As for the content you’ll find inside - you could spend hours and hours researching on your own. But why do that, when it’s already beautifully packed in Bleed + Succeed?

And the community of amazing women you’ll join - well, it’s like those old MasterCard commercials - priceless.

Tell me about that money, honey! 

You can join Bleed + Succeed for as little as $77 per month TODAY - No commitment.

You’re welcome as long as it serves you, and you can leave if it no longer does.

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Video Testimonials from Shelby O. (Left) & Lazz G. (Right).

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