An In-Depth Guide to The Four Archetypes of Womxn’s Menstrual Cycles

Dec 13, 2021

Learn how to embrace your cyclic Goddess superpowers and turn streams of blood into streams of income!


When I fully embraced the power of my menstrual cycle, I was able to unleash my true potential. As womxn, our cycle is a goddess superpower just waiting to be released. Now I want the same for you!

I want you to turn streams of blood into streams of income.

Today, I’m going to give you an in-depth introduction of all of the archetypes and phases that we flow through during our cycle. I’ll show you how you can embody the main archetypes and harness their superpowers to your advantage.

As a quick heads up, I'm speaking to everyone who identifies as a woman or femme—irrespective of whether you’re currently bleeding, never bled, never had a physical womb, or have had it removed.

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Deconditioning from Period Shame

I want to start by sharing a little story of what it was like for me before I “reminded” of this ancient wisdom, as I like to phrase it. Why? Because as soon as I heard about it, I had an instant awakening. It was as if I had been reminded about something I knew all along.

I was stuck in a negative spiral because I couldn't show up the same way, day after day, week after week. I was doing really well for a couple of weeks and then I would crash. My emotions ran wild, my abilities were inconsistent, and my physical stamina was all over the place.

Little did I know that I was on a cycle—not stuck in a negative spiral. That’s the power of perspective. I felt so empowered and supported when I began to truly embrace my cycle and plan my life in flow with the different phases.

I call this the guidebook to womanhood that we've all been subconsciously searching forbecause that's exactly what it feels like.

Accepting our cycles

Many women in the Western world don't understand the power of their cycle, and they see it as a nuisance. It’s seen as this thing that stains your clothes, causes cramps, and up until very recently, many have seen it as shameful. 

Our cycle isn't just a few days of bleeding. Our cycle affects us every single day. When we step into our power and acknowledge that we’re constantly changing, it actually becomes our source of power and wisdom.

When all of our cyclic phases are fully embraced, only then will they work together in harmony. We step into our superpowers, and that’s where the epitome of the magic lives.


The Maiden: The action-taker and go-getter

We have four phases and four archetypes. There are also two yin phases and two yang phases. The phases switch between being active and passive. The archetypes can also represent a woman’s life cycle.

Please note that the suggested ages are just that—suggestions. There isn’t any hard switch between them.

The Maiden archetype is the young, energetic woman. She represents the age of when a womxn starts bleeding until she’s around thirtyish. Maiden is also the pre-ovulation phase of our cycle; as in the time between bleeding and ovulating.

It’s the same archetype as for the waxing moon and the spring season. The moon is getting lighter by the day. And during the spring, we’re moving away from dark winter and toward the bloom of summer.

Maiden is an active phase and yang phase. Her power keeps on increasing and building up. Imagine the day cycle. Maiden would be the sunrise as you can feel everything waking up again.

Almost every woman loves Maiden. She’s also very loved in our culture. Maiden is a time for thinking and focus—she represents the frontal lobe and conscious mind.

She's a risk-taker. She's logical. She's a really good multitasker, very direct, goal-oriented, detail-oriented, confident, flirty (loves to have fun), and she’s just ready to take on the world and get shit done.

These are some of her superpowers. This is a great time to start something new, take on ideas that we've gotten from other phases of our cycle and start putting them into action.

This is a great time to organize and plan anything—especially your month ahead. Think of it as spring cleaning. We're optimizing things. The best thing you can do for Maiden is believing in her ideas and her initiative 

Just give in and let her run with it.

Harness and encourage her fiery, confident, risk-taking side. Know that while she might be young, she knows what she's doing. Take advantage of this “thinking mind time” and do the more tedious, detail-oriented things now such as spreadsheet work.

The Mother: Breathe and enjoy your life

The next phase that you'd flow into is the loving, nurturing Mother archetype. She appears around the ovulation time of our cycle, and she represents the time from around thirtyish to fiftyish. She’s the same archetype as the full moon and the brightest time of summer.

If you think of the analogy of the day’s cycle, then Mother would be noon. Mother is also a bright yang phase and a conscious mind phase, just like Maiden. However, Mother is actually a passive phase, and she's very expressive.

But how can she represent bright energy and still be passive? Imagine the summer season. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. What comes to mind? I think back to when I’m six years old.

I'm running in my backyard, playing with the sprinkler, and rolling around on the grass. Sometimes, I just lay there looking up at the trees and the clouds. There's always a bunch of people around, and we're having a good time and just enjoying our life.

Mother is the phase to enjoy your life and to be grateful. Mother teaches us that we don't have to work and hustle all the time to be valuable. Mother has so much strength, wisdom, and ingenuity, and on top of that, she teaches us sacred self-care.

Mother is a time to rest and reflect on what you have created and built during the springtime. We do things really fast during Maiden, but now we can see how we can improve upon our creations.

It’s also a really good time to teach, persuade, and lead. From a business perspective, it's a wonderful time to teach a class or go live or have some sales calls. Mother loves to have fun! I suggest that you try a new recipe, go hiking, or roll in the grass––whether you have kids or not—during Mother.

Go on one-on-one dates with your loved ones. Clean all the surfaces and give yourself permission to breathe and enjoy this passive time because she's productive too in her way. Let rest be fun!

The Enchantress: No more room for BS

The third archetype is Enchantress. She’s the Wild Woman and represents the premenstrual phase of our cycle. Her phase is right between ovulation and the time we start bleeding. Often, we hate this time—but I promise you—you will learn to love Enchantress!

Enchantress is the complete woman, overlooking all of the other phases of a woman's life. She’s the postmenopausal woman. This is an active yin phase with darker energies. The moon is getting darker by the day. It is the autumn, and the world’s dying. The leaves are falling off but it is all so beautiful.

Enchantress is very instinctual. She's primal, magical, spiritual, passionate, sassy, and BS intolerant. She is passionate, and she's not afraid to do shit that needs to be done and say things that need to be said.

The world is a better place for it because she sees injustice around her and isn’t having any of it.

Her superpower is creative problem-solving. A lot of issues can come to the surface during the premenstrual phase of our cycle. We get so fed up and frustrated with everything. While life seemed fine and rosy a week ago, now all we see are problems!

But let’s reframe that statement. It doesn’t mean that everything is bad around you. Enchantress is just showing you how you can improve on all the good things in your life even more.

The problem is that sometimes we're too tired to do anything about it. Enchantress’s physical energy comes in peaks and valleys. Often, we associate our emotional wellbeing with our physical wellbeing.

If we're physically going up and down, we often think that we're emotionally going up and down. It creates an emotional roller coaster or moodiness (moody PMS).

If we lack the awareness of what's actually happening and can’t communicate, then we get frustrated. Someone else might come along at the wrong moment and we just snap at them!

To avoid outbursts like this, give Enchantress what she wants. Let her decide when to rest and when to create. To tap into her superpowers, let Enchantress run wild. This is a subconscious mind-focused time, and you can mix it with the active energy to harness streams of pure creative magic. 

Whether you’re on your computer or writing in a journal, just let it all out. Write down what you don't have the energy for right now. You can activate those things when Maiden comes back around again.


The Crone: Connect with your higher self

And, last but not least, is the crone phase. The Crone is the old wise woman. It’s the menstrual phase of our cycle when we are bleeding, and it's also the same archetype as the new and dark moon, like winter. It's a yin phase with darker energies.

The Crone is a time for deep soul-level thinking; almost deeper than the subconscious mind. She is very wise and accepting. This phase is passive, and you get a welcomed rest from ego as well as the drive to do things.

Crone loves and needs solitude. It’s the time to be alone, recalibrate, and connect with your higher self. Use this time to cultivate your spiritual wellbeing. It’s a phase for rebirth and rest.

We can often get frustrated during this time if we force ourselves to do activities that are better suited to the Maiden or Enchantress energy. 

Maybe you’re crying in the tub because you don't know what's wrong with you. But it doesn't have to be like that. Crone is such a beautiful time once you give up on the “shoulds” and truly understand her power.

Now that you understand it yourself, you’ll be able to communicate with people around you and tell them what you need during this phase.

If you're quiet enough during Crone, then you’re going to get your best ideas. This is a time to take care of yourself and receive beautiful downloads. As a business owner, this is the phase that probably makes me the most money!

 When you take care of Crone and let her step up on her throne, then she’ll dish out her pearls of wisdom. Her superpower is giving you depth and knowledge. I recommend that you journal and let your raw ideas gush out of you.

If words fail you, then draw pictures or just doodle. You literally aren’t thinking during this time—you’re in your subconscious, so channel that energy and the connection to your high self. You can come back to your notes when you're in Maiden.

Yes, you might have to take a few minutes to code and decipher what it is that you said, but you’ll be amazed at how genius you are. This is also a really good time to read, guide, and teach as well, so long you're taking care of yourself.

Embracing the four archetypes in your daily life

As you can see, each archetype plays an integral and beautiful role in your life. They are so incredibly balanced. We have equal amounts of active and passive, yin and yang, and dark and light. Each archetype has her own beautiful superpowers and things that she excels at. 

When you fully accept that you change often and stop trying to force consistency just for consistency’s sake, you too can make more money, have greater peace of mind, and become more productive. Because, ultimately, you are embracing the fact that you aren’t consistent. 

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