6 of my favorite & most popular classes about rocking

the hell out of your cycle & embracing every part of yourself

…allllllll bundled together because it sounded super fun!

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These classes are soooo juicy!


“Your Cycle is Your Super Power”

The popular and highly demanded class that’s impacted over 100 women!

A gorgeous overview of this beautiful ancient wisdom, all the phases of our cycle, and how to use it to our advantage.

"It’s Maiden, Bitch!"

Maiden is the main archetype we probs didn’t have a problem with before we were reminded of our cyclic powers!

I don’t need to teach you about her beauty and how to appreciate her as I do with the other darker archetypes especially.

What I can teach you how to do is increase the saturation on the lens in which you view her and how to truly optimize her superpowers 🌱☀️🌷

"Honoring the Mother"

She is so much more than our stereotypes allow.

She encompasses more than birthing and nurturing (children, ideas, projects, and more).

Learn about her strength and how to truly honor this vital part of ourselves.


"The Wild Woman"

Diving deep into what most women perceive to be the most illusory and complicated archetype… Enchantress.

Learn the power of the most oppressed archetype and how to embrace the wild woman inside yourself unleashing the mass amounts of creativity and freedom from the pre-menstrual phase of your cycle!

"Embrace the Darkness"

Crone - the old wise woman.

There is beauty in the quiet darkness. In having a small outer world but an infinite inner world.

And relief in embracing her creating the most beautiful, peaceful menstrual phase.


"How to use your cycle as a business strategy"

Learn to fall in love & celebrate your period as we dive deeper into the phases of our beautiful cycle.

Because my goal is for no woman to ever ask herself again:

“What Is Wrong With Me?”

No more wondering “What’s wrong with me?” or “Why am I doing good for a while then don’t feel like myself for a few weeks on an endless exhausting cycle?”.
No more thinking you must be crazy. 
No more PMS. 
No more pushing yourself to bring of a breakdown just to maintain this idealistic standard.

Hello unlocking unknown creativity, ease, & time that simply flows.

Hello to understanding and accepting every part of you so that every week of your cycle is a good week.

Hello peace, harmony, & understanding in your mind and relationship.

Hello to recognizing the beauty of a cycle that’s so divinely designed.

I'm in!