Society conditions us to believe...

  • You are moody or irrational when you have big emotions

  • Your energy levels should be the same every single day, and if they aren't it means  something is wrong with you

  • That menstrual blood is dirty or gross
  • You are lazy and unproductive when you need to rest or slow down
  • If you aren't seeing the results you want, you need to just push yourself harder

It's ALL a lie!!

New to this idea of

Cyclical Wisdom?

Check out this blog  post to learn more and how to embrace your cyclic Goddess superpowers and turn streams of blood into streams of income!

Imagine with me...

  • Waking up every morning knowing just what you need that day… even when your needs are ever-shifting
  • Not feeling the “laziness guilt” when what you need is less DOing and more BEing

  • Knowing you don’t have to earn pleasure, fun, or happiness because what you’re doing right now is enough
  • Giving yourself the permission that truly helps you create sustainability in your life & business

  • Planning ahead in your biz knowing when it will be easiest for you to create, launch, sell, connect, network, make decisions, or organize

  • Feeling a deep sense of connection to nature and able to embrace the seasonal changes
I'm ready for ALL of this!

 Join us inside the

Bleed and Succeed Community

A space to be immersed in frequent education, constant support, and an uplifting community where we accept, honor, & celebrate every part of ourselves

Ancient Wisdom Archive

You could spend hours and hours researching on your own. But why do that, when it’s already beautifully curated for you?

Monthly Tea Times with Rach

Your opportunity to connect with the community, and ask any questions. Grab your favorite beverage and cozy up with us.

Sacred Community

Everyone deserves access to a safe, loving, welcoming community where they feel loved, seen, heard, and witnessed.

Neurodivergent Friendly

You are encouraged to move and flow through this container as your intuition guides you at your own pace.

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I believe everyone deserves to have access to this information.

Meet Rachel Symington

creator of bleed + succeed

Rachel Symington is your business big sis & feminine cycle educator. She guides femmes & non-binary CEOs as they step into being the Successful Lazy Bitches they've been all along. Together we burn down the patriarchal systems that keep us small & ethically build our sustainable businesses while prioritizing our well-being & joy.

Here is what your first 30 days in the community can look like...

  • Introduce yourself and start connecting with other like-minded beings
  • Put upcoming events in your calendar (tea time and community events)
  • Dive into Your Cycle Is Your Superpower class
  • As you start to identify and track your cycle you can watch the 4 archetype classes as you flow through them in your own cycle
  • Ask questions and receive support as they come up

Check out the Welcome Video so you know what you are getting yourself into…. 


Create a business and life that support you, not the other way around



Still unsure if Bleed + Succeed is for you?

Check out the Your Cycle Is Your Superpower class where I teach you ALLLL the basics of using your cycle as your business strategy & personal life coach.

Your Cycle Is Your Superpower

Introducing "Your Cycle Is Your Superpower" – a transformative 2-hour video class designed to unlock the hidden potential of your menstrual cycle and empower you to understand your body's inner workings with precision. Dive deep into the history of menstrual cycle knowledge, tracing its evolution from ancient wisdom to modern understanding. Explore how societies have perceived and interacted with the menstrual cycle, and uncover the fascinating insights passed down through generations. Delve into the four distinct phases of the menstrual cycle as you discover how each phase uniquely influences your energy levels, mood, productivity, and more. Learn to recognize the subtle cues and signals your body sends during each phase, allowing you to align your activities and lifestyle with your natural rhythm. Tracking your cycle is key to unlocking its full potential, and in this course, I provide you with practical tools and techniques to effortlessly monitor and understand your menstrual cycle. From simple paper trackers to advanced digital apps, discover the method that works best for you and gain invaluable insights into your body's inner workings. But "Your Cycle Is Your Superpower" goes beyond mere tracking – it's about learning to work in harmony with your cycle, rather than fighting against it!! Through actionable strategies and real-life examples, I guide you on a journey to embrace the ebb and flow of your menstrual cycle, allowing you to optimize your health, productivity, and well-being like never before. Are you ready to tap into the limitless potential of your menstrual cycle? Join me in "Your Cycle Is Your Superpower" and unlock the true power within you.

$22.00 USD