Lazy Bitch Mini-Retreat Replay

Lock your bedroom door, and hang the do not disturb sign...


Do your skincare, put on your favorite outfit, lingerie, or robe


Or get naked & slip into the bath (extra brownie points for that one)


Pack a bowl or brew some tea


We’re spending 4 ~FOUR~ hours retreating together on this Mini-Retreat Replay!


Vibes: Teaching with a dab of stand-up comedy, embodiment practices, community time, and a few surprises up my sleeve 


My Lazy Bitch’s Guide to….

🌻 Prioritizing Rest & Play as a Business Strategy

🌻 Respect the Cycles of All Nature including Your Body

🌻 Supportive Structure (that holds you down instead of holding you back)

🌻 Accommodate Yo’self 

And more…

Now be a good girl and go sign up so I can rest dom you 😏