Wheel of the Year

Seasonally Guided Business Plan 


If I’m gonna be forced to share my medicine with the world in this capitalist hellscape by being a business owner and content creator… then I’m gonna do it while being in a symbiotic relationship with the earth. My feet in the dirt, an herbal tea in hand, & my bong never too far away as I talk to the trees!

Come spend some time dreaming & creating a burnout proof business plan while remembering you’re a human that’s made up of the same elements as mama earth 🌍 happening on 1/26 @2pm CST 

What's Included? 

  • A 2hr Playshop (with built in Lazy breaks)

- Guided Wheel of the Year

- Blank Wheel

- Solstice/ Equinox Seasonal Checklists

- Self VIP Day Guide
- And more  

How to sign up!

This all-inclusive Wheel of the Year Class allows you to sign up with 3 different payment options.


Sign me up for $75! (Support the Community)
Sign me up for $50!
Sign me up for $25 (Supported by the Community)